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U-100 System

The U-100 system is a means to measure and track your level of personal wellness by understanding the power of your personal wholeness.

It offers the opportunity for deep self-reflection in the five main categories of YOU and allows you to grade yourself to determine your strengths and weakness.

It provides a system of personal accountability and you will discover where self-development is needed to gain and maintain the advantages of a balanced whole life through personal wellness.

Bill will direct, guide, and foster you through this process. It is powerful and life changing!

This system can be offered as a personal coaching method or group workshop, live or via teleconference.

  • Personalized coaching
  • Job searching, resume writing, and interview coaching
  • Wellness training
  • Community Group Coaching
  • Follow-up support and Self-accountability
  • Access to support groups and therapy for post-war afflictions

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