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The Power of Story…

The greatest tool of communication has been utilized for centuries, and yet today, it is a skill that is underutilized and fading away. This tool allows human connection to occur, knocks down trust barriers, and is the basis for meaningful and relatable relationships.
This tool is the skill of storytelling.

The power of story can be utilized in all aspects of life; business, education, parenting, friendship, coaching, and self-development. Everyone has a story and everyone’s story has the power to connect with others in a relevant way to create impact and influence.

Harness this power, learn this skill, and you will discover the advantage of how to reach the unattainable…no matter your venue of interest.

Bill Edson has followed a very versatile life path. Starting as child from a small mill town in upstate New York, he became a father, member of the military, professional sales consultant, business executive, and athletics coach who has succeeded at every level due to his ability to connect and build winning relationships with skillful communication and relatable stories.

Bill’s signature story, “In the House of Abdallah”, he describes an unbelievable but true episode of courage, human perseverance, and compassion that not only saved lives but influenced the outcome of a war-torn city in Iraq.

Everyone has a signature story that can impact the world around them.
Yes, you have a signature story!

Now, Bill is taking his experiences and sharing his focus of storytelling as a powerful and effective means to help foster human connections and trusting relationships to make a difference.

If you are interested in Bill sharing his story as a guest speaker or organizing a story telling workshop for you or your organization, contact him for more information or to book your event:

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