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Ruck U

Ruck U (Ruck University) is a guided method of personal training and development that has been used for centuries in the United States Military to develop troops, the ‘Road March’. It is not hiking or walking, but it is a forced-pace distance exercise (sometimes performed walking briskly or at a trot) while wearing a weighted back pack (Ruck Sack) to build endurance, strength, and character RUCK U resembles the often times challenging paths we have all experiences in our lives.

This comprehensive program is meant to embrace those challenges within directed and deep conversation, and the adventure and satisfaction of completing a physical endeavor either through the natural country side of New England, or a destination near you. RUCK U will help bring clarity to who you are and help to identify or empower your greater purpose. RUCK U lessons are featured during regular episodes on Wayfinder Coaching LLC social media and is the basis of individual or group intensive coaching sessions that immerse you in discovering YOU.

Ruck U individual sessions are customized to challenge yet meet your physical abilities.

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  • Personalized coaching
  • Job searching, resume writing, and interview coaching
  • Wellness training
  • Community Group Coaching
  • Follow-up support and Self-accountability
  • Access to support groups and therapy for post-war afflictions

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