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“”Bill Edson shows his depth of care, commitment and connection by being the leader that he is.
The first time Bill approached me at a leadership conference, I knew he would be with me – shoulder to shoulder, through ANYTHING!”

Eric Hodgdon
Father, Coach, Author, and Storyteller

Retirement Transition

Have you spent the last 20, 30, or 40 years working and now you wake up in retirement and find yourself wondering… What do I do?
Who an am I? What’s my purpose? Now what?

You are never too old to rediscover who you are, see a vision for your future, or pursue a dream. But just like your successful work life, you will not achieve alone. Bill Edson was a successful executive and military leader, after retirement he had the dream of starting his own business and being an entrepreneur. Now, at 55 years young, Bill is the owner of Wayfinders Coaching LLC and is an up and coming and impactful coach, story teller, and speaker. Let Bill’s relatable story be your story too.

  • Personal coaching
  • Strategic planning that YOU design for YOU
  • Intensive deep self-reflection program
  • Health and wellness planning and coaching
  • Community group coaching
  • Follow-up coaching and support motivation

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