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“Bill Edson doesn’t just teach leadership he lives it…EVERY DAY. His courage and integrity as a combat medic under fire have forged him into one of the finest leadership coaches I’ve ever known. I’d follow him to hell and back…and you should too.”

-Scott Mann, Warrior Storyteller and Connection Coach

Are you newly separated from military service?

Retired? Home from deployment? Wondering to yourself, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Over?”

Nobody understands the challenges of leaving the military and entering the civilian world better than another veteran who has gone through it. It can be a frustrating and frightening place to be. Your world of purposeful structure, high stakes performance, responsibility, camaraderie, and service is now all in the rear-view mirror.

Compared to your duty, adapting to civilian life may seem simple…until you actually have to do it. No body understands your value, your culture, the way you speak…you can’t find work and you begin to feel dejected.

Bill Edson, The Coach, of Wayfinder Coaching LLC, served 23 years in the US Army and is a decorated combat veteran. He has been there and gone through it successfully. Let Bill help you fight this battle and win too.

  • Personalized coaching
  • Job searching, resume writing, and interview coaching
  • Wellness training
  • Community Group Coaching
  • Follow-up support and Self-accountability
  • Access to support groups and therapy for post-war afflictions

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