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“Bill Edson doesn’t just teach leadership he lives it…EVERY DAY. His courage and integrity as a combat medic under fire have forged him into one of the finest leadership coaches I’ve ever known. I’d follow him to hell and back…and you should too.”

Scott Mann
Warrior Storyteller and Connection Coach

What’s My Life’s Purpose?

Do you feel useless? Desperate? Alone and wondering what is the point of my life? You want something better…you want to feel validated and valuable. Maybe you have a dream, but you think it’s simply too big or unattainable.

Every single person has a purpose in this universe. Every single person has a talent to share, or vision that can make this world a better place. YOU are that person too!

Let Wayfinder Coaching lead you through a process of rediscovering yourself and your life’s purpose. What are you waiting for? Stop thinking about it, and just do it now with the option that best fits your needs and resources…

  • Personalized Coaching
  • Wholeness is Happiness program
  • Strategic Life plan designed by YOU, for YOU
  • Community Coaching Group
  • Intensive deep introspection experience
  • Follow-up coaching support and motivation

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