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Leadership Coaching

Since a young age, Bill Edson has provided influential guidance and inspiration to individuals, teams, and organizational leaders. His unique brand of coaching and leadership has produced champions and transformed organizations to perform at levels never anticipated. Bill has directly engaged with local, national, and international leaders and participated in events that provided him with valuable experiences beyond measure. Bill is very passionate about helping others improve and expand their reach of influence and improving organizational dynamics for the purpose of the greater good, and by doing so, changing the world around us to be a better place .

Bill is an established expert on leadership and leading effectively through experience and education. He was a high-stakes leader as a career military member and non-profit executive, and holds both a Bachelors and Masters Degree in the genre of leadership. Not to mention, his many hours of military and private classes on the subject matter of leading and peak performance.

Bill understands the advantages of establishing meaningful human connection and the formation of trust, especially when it comes to creating performance-based results for individuals and groups alike.

He is an active listener and can provide various levels and packages of leadership coaching options based on your needs and resources. Whether you are an individual or a team, Wayfinder Coaching LLC will enhance your leader skills and team performance.

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