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  • Military Transition
    Are you newly separated from military service? Retired? Home from deployment? Wondering to yourself, “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Over?”
  • Retirement Transition
    Have you spent the last 20, 30, or 40 years working and now you wake up in retirement and find yourself wondering… What do I do? Who an am I? What’s my purpose? Now what?
  • Life Purpose
    Do you feel useless? Desperate? Alone and wondering what is the point of my life? You want something better…you want to feel validated and valuable. Maybe you have a dream, but you think it’s simply too big or unattainable.
  • Feeling Lost or Stuck?
    Do you feel like you are stuck in your routine in life? Running on a treadmill going nowhere? You are simply going through the motions of your life…

With a background of very diverse careers from being a waiter and hotel van driver, to becoming an award-winning nonprofit executive leader, Bill brings countless years of experience to his coaching services. He has become recognized as an accomplished story teller and promotes the power of story as a means of establishing trust and meaningful human connection.  His soon to be published book, VOODOO-7, describes his inspirational journey as an American Combat Medic, serving in the most dangerous place on earth.

Bill Edson doesn’t just teach leadership he lives it…EVERY DAY. His courage and integrity as a combat medic under fire have forged him into one of the finest leadership coaches I’ve ever known. I’d follow him to hell and back…and you should too.

Scott Mann
Warrior Storyteller and Connection Coach

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